So this is officially my third packing guide I have done on my blog. First being my 90 Day Packing Guide and second, my Summer in Europe Guide. Now I figured it was perfect time to do a weekend trip packing guide since I’ll be away next weekend at VidCon in Anaheim Aug 1-3 . So if you are going I can’t wait to meet you!

While I am no expert on the matter (I don’t even know if packing experts exist), I like to think I am very experienced with my packing abilities. Generally I plan my trips very last minute, and while I advocate packing at least 2-3 days BEFORE you leave (most especially on 1 month or longer trips), sometimes you just gotta throw it together. For reference, when I specify  “weekend” trip I am referring to anything MORE than one overnight stay and LESS than 6 days. So basically your 2-5 day range.

Luggage Choice

I go through ALOT of luggage bags simply because I travel so much. So, thanks to the wicked people at SuitSuitwho sent me a few luggage cases to try out , I can now throw out my tattered, broken, older luggage and replace them with these fun and funky cases!

Of course I picked out the Social Media set since not only did it seem fitting, I thought they were the coolest 😛 Be sure to check them out! www.loveluggage.com.au. (Aussie)  or www.suitsuit.com (UK)


Weekender.  (Small)


54 x 36 x 20 cm (H x W x D)




40 Liter

Tourister.  (Medium)


69 x 45 x 25 cm (H x W x D)



70 Liter

Now on their website it lists the Weekender a your “weekend” bag, and the Tourister as your “weeklong”. Well, being a girl, I am here to argue that you can actually use both bags for the weekend.  This is because sometimes my “weekend” travel consists  of fly on Friday, stay Sat-Sun and fly out on Monday. So if you are staying in “basic clothing status” range then yes, the Weekender is perfect for you; however, if you’ll be doing anything that requires a bit more “equipment” then reach for the Tourister.

Now, using these bags as “bases” for bag size, let’s start packing!

Essentials for ALL weekend trips

Regardless of where you are going, these essentials are almost always needed and are simply a good idea to have. Since you are only going for a weekend trip, I would highly recommend finding the smallest size possible in these containers. Since literally everything adds up in weight and size when packing.


  • Sunscreen
  • First-aid kit:Complete with aspirins/advils/anti-diarrheal/vitamins/bandaids/antiseptic cleaners/anti-acids/rubbing alcohol.
  • Sunglasses
  • Cell phone:In today’s world it is increasing easier to travel with a cellphone. Just make sure you turn your data off to avoid roaming charges.
  • Umbrella:Smaller the better, comes in more handy than not.
  • Locks and wires: Lock those belongings! I always care a spare lock and a wire I can attach my bag to just encase I need to leave it unattended somewhere.
  • Electronicsand CHARGERS. Do not forget your chargers people!
  • Wallet :Keep it small and only the essentials, no need to bring your dozens of store rewards cards (unless you plan on shopping).
  • Photocopies of documents
  • Passport: Unless your traveling within you country, then a passport is not required.
  • Itinerary: Always good to have when you are lost or need to ask questions. Even if it isn’t complete. Also good for border guards!



Regular clothing to bring on ALL trips.

Since these are shorter trips and shirts take up the least amount of space and are the easiest to recognize as “re-wares” I like to pack 1 shirt for each day plus 1 spare shirt. 1-2 warm jackets/hoodies/jumpers/cardigans. 1 pair of bottoms for every 2 days. (Example: a 4 day trip should have 2 pairs of pants, a 5 day trip 3 pairs) 1 sleeping shirt and 1 pair of sleeping/travel pants (these are usually yoga pants).  Clean undergarments for each of the days. 1 regular day shoes.

Next we determine our trip clothing extras. Classify your trip into one of these categories:

Local Vacation & Tropical Vacation

  • Bag Size: Small (M/F)
  • 2 swimsuits,  flip flops, 2 summer dresses; one casual, one semi-casual for evenings(F) OR 2 dress shirts for evening (M). Generally you don’t require alot of clothing for these trips; however, you will most likely go through several changes each day since clothing tends to get dirty around beaches and when it’s hot outside.
  • Toiletry Extras:Bug Spray and Aloe Gel.
  • Electronics:Digital Camera DSLR (point and click is fine though) and spare memory cards. Photos 4-8GB is plenty, Video you want at LEAST 16GB try for 32GB. Leave your laptop at home, your on VACA!
  • Tips:ROLL clothing and have a spare dirty clothing bag. Instead of packing more clothing for this trip, bring a small package of laundry soap and wash some of your pieces in either the sink, a laundromat or the hotel/hostel. Bring larger amounts of shampoos, conditioners, face wash and sunscreen.

Business Trip

  • Bag Size:Small (M/F)
  • Suits, a few nice business/casual shirts. Dress to impress, bring your A Game.
  • Electronics:Laptops, phones, plugs, notebooks, pens, audio recorders, cameras (depending on your business trip:P )
  • Tips:FOLD, don’t roll these clothing.


  • Bag Size:Medium (F) Small (M)
  • Business Wear: suits, business casual, dress shirts.
  • Evening Wear. A couple dresses, nice shirts, makeup bag, plus minimum two heel choices (F) dress shoes (M)
  • Toiletry Extras:Makeup and hair products ladies! (I’ll do a separate guide for this) Blow dryers, hair straighteners and curlers. (Although if you learn to curl your hair with a straightener you’ll save room).
  • Electronics:Laptops, phones, plugs, notebooks, pens, audio recorders, cameras point and click or DSLR (depending on your trip:P )
  • Tips:PLAN AHEAD. Usually they give you an outline for these events, it will detail all the evening events and day events. Chances are you will change at least 2 times a day, one outfit for day and another for the evening events. Pick out your outfits before hand and pack accordingly. Plan to wear your best outfit for the first day. Dress to impress. Also, FOLD, don’t roll these clothing.

Sporting Trip/Sporting Event or Family Event

  • Bag Size:Small (watching), Medium (participating)
  • Depending on how much sports “equipment” and outfits needed. Outdoor rain gear, footwear, winter jackets, extra sweaters, warm socks. This will have to be customize depending on which trip and what sport your playing/watching.
  • FULL first aid kit. Pack that baby up! Check out your local drugstore as they usually have pretty good travel size kits you can purchase. Bug spray!
  • Electronics:iPod + headphones. Phones and Digital Camera (point and click is fine but DSLR is better, zoom lens anyone?) and spare memory cards. Photos 4-8GB is plenty, Video you want at LEAST 16GB try for 32GB. Leave your laptop at home, Facebook will wait.
  • Tips:Books, and lots of Advil. Being from the west coast I also advise making sure you have adequate rain gear! ROLL these clothing. Chances are your clothing will get quite dirty so bring a laundry bag.

Girl’s Getaway or Vegas Getaway

  • Bag Size:Medium (M/F)
  • Expect to bring multiple changes of clothing. Day Wear: depending on weather, shorts, skirts, nice t-shirts, jeans, nice sweaters or jackets. Evening Wear: at least two pairs of heels, evening dresses, full makeup, full toiletries. Blow dryer, hair straightener, jewelry, extra handbags (clutches), nice suits, nice jeans, dress shoes. AKA: the works!! It’s your time to shine and look HOT. This is the only time I advise packing a bit heavier.
  • Electronics:iPods for the beach, phone and digital camera (point and click is PERFECT, small and not to expensive if for SOME REASON you happen to loose it). With point-and-click pack an SD card with 4-8GB.  If taking video you want 8-16GB. No laptops, relax!
  • Tips: Biggest tip I can give for these trips is to plan your outfits!! It’s okay to bring more outfits then needed, but unlike your closet where you can mix and match, it’s very inefficient to do that while travelling. If your away for 5 days, plan for 7 outfits, to allow room for extras. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces in each outfit. Coordinate your wardrobe and you’ll not only save time on your vacation, but you’ll save space.

Okay so to prevent myself from writing a NOVEL, I shall stop at that. Now I hope this gives you a bit of a guideline as to what to pack. If you thoroughly enjoyed this OR would like me to expand on EACH category please let me know! I can most definitely write longer posts for each.

Cheers and happy packing!



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