It was over the long weekend for SG50 that my dear decided to bring me for a short getaway to Macau and Hong Kong. This is sort of a make-up trip as he has foreseen that he may need to work during our ROM anniversary thus planning this trip in advance. Felt very happy for his thoughtfulness.

We booked our air ticket cheap, only SGD 350 on Cathay flight to Hong Kong, considering this is a really over a long weekend and demand should be high. The timing was lousy though, flying around 1 a.m. and reaching Hong Kong at around 6 a.m after clearance.

Immediately after clearance, we proceeded to the bus station to purchase A11 citybus to Macau Ferry Terminal at Sheung Wan. It’s easy to find the bus terminal as there are friendly signage at the airport. It is advisory to check the timing (click here to see full timing schedule of Bus A11) because the interval could be as long as 30 mins!! We bought the ticket and have to rush to the waiting area. Our bus came at 6:40 a.m., less than 10 minutes later.

I would recommend choosing Cityflyer over MTR because it is more economic and it’s really convenient. The price difference is roughly SGD11 per pax to reach the same place. Both took roughly the same time to reach the destination and by bus, you get to enjoy the view of Hong Kong. So why not?



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