The Coolest Treehouses to Rent on Airbnb

The Coolest Treehouses to Rent on Airbnb


Hotels are overrated. Airbnb—the online marketplace for vacation rentals—is proving this as we speak, offering cooler and more unique living spaces for travelers at lower price ranges. Aside from listing everything from rooms to luxury suites, the service continues to expand its rental categories and has experienced a spike in growth in one area: tree houses. Believe it or not, but property owners across the globe are renting out their woodsy dwellings, giving out-of-townees an opportunity to live out their childhood fantasies in an eccentric, yet homely, setting. From resort-ready wooden pads to topiary shacks, climb up the latter and into a secret entrance as we put you on to the Coolest Treehouses to Rent on Airbnb.


Images via Airbnb

Location: Florence, Italy

Price: $281 (per night)

The timber studio sits beautifully in the middle of the Tuscan landscape, only 20 minutes away from the Duomo. casaBARTHEL makes for one of the most lavish treehouses on the block—offering a queen size bed, small kitchenette, full bathroom, outdoor terrace, air conditioning, and built-in fireplace. Down payments also provide access to the swimming pool, tennis court, and other amenities on the compound.

White Lotus

Images via Airbnb

Location: Stanardsville, VA

Price: $100 (per night)

Located on a 21-acre retreat, the White Lotus suits the proactive hiker who seeks solace during the nighttime. The tree house boasts a gazebo below with swing, plus a cozy front porch, full private bath, and 300-foot catwalk that connects to two saunas. More reason to visit Virginia this time of year.


Images via Airbnb

Location: Nojals-et-Clotte, France

Price: $338 (per night)

Have France penciled into your travel itinerary? If so, consider posting up in the wooden, castle-inspired guest house. The Monbazillac offers a double bed, walk-in shower, terrace with panoramic views, and private hot tub; the recipes for a romantic getaway.

Lush Permaculture Farm Treehouse

Images via Airbnb

Location: Miami, FL

Price: $65 (per night)

A three-level treehouse located in “Little Haiti” sounds like an enticing place to spend the night, especially at a weekly price of $500. Reach the top level to check out a beautiful view of a canopy and animals at the Lush Permaculture Farm, plus wash up using any of the two outdoor showers. Those in need of culture have the luxury of stepping outside of the complex to check out the art district as well.

Secluded Intown Treehouse

Images via Airbnb

Location: Atlanta, GA

Price: $195 (per night)

Not one. Not two. We’re talking a deluxe suite of three connected treehouses, each one furnished with antiques and natural artifacts that complement their respective atmospheres. Chill in a living room that has a balcony looking down on an acre of lush woods or catch some Zs in the plush bedroom decorated with a pillow-top double bed, which slides out onto a platform overlooking the stream below. Then again, it’s just as fun parlaying on the hammock located on the circular deck.



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