Things To Do When You’re In Jogjakarta

Things To Do When You’re In Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta is such a vibrant city and I’ve always loved visiting Jogjakarta, just two weeks ago I finally managed to re-travel that gorgeous city for the third time, and I am still out of word for why that city is so memorable, but that city’s simply known for that: the city of memories, but for me, that’s also a friendship city :). It’s awesome that I can’t say it with words because the best things are felt and hard to explain.

This post is going to be your guide to travelling in Jogjakarta, and if this is your first time planning on a trip to Jogjakarta, I hope this post can help you out from the culinary to the well known destinations. Certainly this is not a complete list because I’m here on a limited time and I do need more to surf Jogjakarta and around.

Photos below mostly taken using Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100. My ultimate favorite travelling camera!

Gudeg is Jogjakarta’s traditional food. It can be served dry or wet (by meaning with a little glimpse of soup) and it commonly consists of rice, Jackfruit seasoned in a traditional way, and your preference of topping. The most basic one would be with egg or with this side dish called “Sambal Krecek”, I don’t really know to explain sambal krecek, but it’s something that’s a bit spicy and soft-textured, almost jelly like but chewable. Gudeg is very famous in Jogjakarta that you can have it all around the city and the outlet has a lot of branches everywhere.

    Malioboro is the number one shopping district in Jogjakarta, you can find traditional clothings, accesories and hand-crafts in this area. I recommend going by night for the ambience is different, it’s a lot more free but in a good way, music everywhere, people dancing on the street like there’s no tomorrow. It’s just amazing for my eyes <3.

    Malioboro is also the home of Mirota Batik, a shop where you can purchase clothings, gifts, food, beverages, beauty products, it’s sort of a department store/gift shop. Fusion maximum!

    Damnit I love horses! They’re pretty and handsome no matter what genders they are. We’re getting to these horses later!

Still at the Malioboro, it’s also the home for this lesehan (meaning you eat on the carpets, just a more relaxed and traditional way of eating). There are literally tons of lesehan places in Jogjakarta but purple heart for this one, it deserves to be on my list. Lesehan Terang Bulan Maliboro! They have the freshest ingredients, the loveliest flavors, all in the relatively affordable prices. Don’t forget to try their fried “Burung Dara” (Pigeons). I sounded like a psycopath typing this one LOL. Pigeons are lovely animals, maybe I shouldn’t have told you what “Burung Dara” means in english, you should google yourself!

    Jogjakarta is the home of two gorgeous beaches, Parangtritis and Indrayanti beach, even though I didn’t go to the Indrayanti due to the distance and the limited time, but I am still going to recommend the beach for what I’ve googled, as it’s also another top recommendation from my lovely readers. Thank you guys! The sea breeze and white windmill was spectacular at Parangtritis, it’s probably one of my most favorite beaches I’ve ever been period. The sea was pretty clean, even though it’s not really a tanning beach for it’s not really hot in the afternoon, but it was beautiful for a sightseeing session.

    PS: Don’t forget to ride the Andong or Horse Riding, you might feel like a Zorro, only it is at Parangtritis. Close enough.


Another not-to-be-missed activity! Rafting and Pindul Cave Tour!!! The rafting was super enjoyable, I really wanna do that again whenever I am in Jogja or technically wherever part of this world offering a rafting service. Damnit that’s like the first time ever for me to jump to the water from a 30 metres height. That was super nervewrecking but it is so relieving to know that you’re not a freakin coward after all. It was fun to watch people who’re to scared to jump because they’re pacing with their adrenaline but they eventually jump. There’s a hero inside of you.


The rafting took place at Oya (Oyo) River at Gunung Kidul, the venue was serene, the river was flowing occasionally mild. You can join the rafting and the Pindul cave tour for IDR 60k.

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